A Quarter of High-School Grads Who Took ACT Are Found College-Ready

Twenty-six percent of high-school graduates who took the ACT in 2013 met all four of its college-readiness benchmarks, according to a report released on Wednesday by ACT Inc., the organization that administers the test.

The benchmarks were designed by ACT to indicate the minimum scores needed on each subject it tests to signify a 50-percent chance of earning a B or higher, or a 75-percent chance of earning a C or higher, in corresponding first-year college courses.

The report, “The Condition of College & Career Readiness 2013,” considers the scores of the 54 percent of 2013 high-school graduates—about 1.8 million people—who took the ACT.

Sixty-four percent of high-school graduates who took the test met the benchmark in English, 44 percent met the benchmark in reading, 44 met it in mathematics, and 36 percent met it in science.

Thirty-one percent of graduates who took the ACT met none of the benchmarks.

Average ACT scores dropped slightly from 2009 to 2013 as the pool of test takers grew and became more diverse, according to the report.

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