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Despite Financial Concerns, Most Parents Still Value College

For all the public questioning of the value of college, more parents of teenagers are convinced it’s a good bet, although they are worried about scraping together the cash to make it.

Nearly nine in 10 parents said college was very important to their children’s futures, a new survey shows, up from about eight in 10 last year. And the shares of parents who thought a college education was somewhat or not important dropped slightly, according to the survey, which was released on Thursday by Discove…


Heavily Indebted Student-Loan Borrowers Lacked Guidance, Survey Shows

Tales of students and recent graduates with high loan debts have enlivened the national discussion of college affordability. A new report on a survey of such borrowers—13,000 of them, with an average student-loan debt of $75,000—argues that confusion and a lack of guidance on making sound decisions are partly to blame for their heavy burdens.

“High-debt borrowers often do not have a clear idea about the consequences of the loans they take out, with many experiencing misunderstanding or surprise …