Dominican U. of California Misreported Admissions Data

Dominican University of California has been misreporting admissions data since 2001, the institution’s president announced last week.

In an e-mail to the campus, the president, Mary B. Marcy, said the university’s annual tallies of first-year applications had included incomplete applications, resulting “in the appearance of the university being more selective in its admissions process than it is.” Dominican reported an acceptance rate of 53.7 percent for the incoming class in the fall of 2011, for instance; the actual acceptance rate was 72.6 percent.

A recent internal review revealed the discrepancies, according to Ms. Marcy’s e-mail. The university, she wrote, has since notified the U.S. Department of Education of the errors. “I assure you that we will correct the error and take the necessary steps to ensure accuracy regarding future data collection and reporting,” Ms. Marcy wrote.

On Friday a spokeswoman for the university said the misreported data did not reflect an intention to deceive the public. “It was a mistake,” she said.

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