Temple U. Creates a Social-Media Campaign and Sees a Surge in School Pride

Temple University has taken crowdsourcing and social media in a new direction.

With social media becoming more and more important for college admissions, the university has created a campaign called “Temple Made,” which uses Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to connect with its students and alumni, promote university spirit, and reach out to prospective students.

Back in August, the university put out a call for current and former Owls to send in Instagram photos they believed illustrate “Temple Made.”

A “Temple Made” photo submitted by a student. Courtesy of @TempleUniv.

Since then, more than 1,000 images of students, campus spots, athletics, and downtown Philadelphia have been uploaded on Instagram. The photos were then used in a promotional video that was shot, voiced, scored, edited, and directed by alumni—literally, Temple made.

“We used Instagram as a sort of way to put a real lens on the university from the perspective of current students,” said Nicole E. Naumoff, Temple’s associate vice president for university marketing. “They really embraced the concept of showing what our school was like.”

Since the campaign was officially started last week, the university has seen substantial increases in traffic on its Facebook page, in Twitter interactions, and in blogging about “Temple Made” by young alumni.

“What we wanted to do was to adequately find a way to express and capture the spirit of Temple University,” Ms. Naumoff said. “We want to talk about what we have to offer for prospective students, but also to allow prospective students to get a window into who we are.”

The Office of Admissions also has plans to launch a “microsite” that will have a search function for the Instagram photos to look up images by topic, such as campus, academics, or arts. The site will allow prospective students to get a general feel for the college, have access to extra sources, and see new videos.

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