Who Says College Admissions Isn’t Entertaining?

OK, so I wouldn’t say these productions are better than Cats, but then again, I’m neither an admissions officer recovering from a day of high-school visits nor a college counselor writing the 37th recommendation of the month.

Such people may find themselves delirious enough to laugh (or cry) upon hearing the following news: Today the National Association for College Admission Counseling (an organization not known as an entertainment powerhouse) sent out an e-mail promoting two videos it created to help families understand the oft-confusing process of applying to college.

Below we have “The Creeping Horror of College Anxiety,” in which a young man confronts his admissions fears while conversing with four ghosts, one of which utters these ominous words: “There are only five colleges worth going to.” Say it ain’t so, foul specter!

If that’s not enough entertainment for one day, go ahead and check out “Financial Aid! The Musical!” Soon enough, you’ll be singing along (“There’s ways to pay, you’re on your way, don’t be afraid …”). The “NACAC Players” know what they’re doing, people. Yes, they do.

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