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A Culture of Evasion

The dreadful scandal at Penn State reached another level on July 12, with the 250-page report of former FBI director Louis Freeh to the university’s board of trustees, culminating a seven-month independent investigation. The report makes clear the complicity of senior officials at the university in covering up convicted child molester and former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky’s sexual assaults on children. The officials include head football coach, the late Joe Paterno, university p…


Guest Post: Bottling Nonsense, Misusing a Civil Platform

John R. Mashey, Ph.D., vice president of technology at Techviser, and Robert S. Coleman, professor of chemistry at Ohio State University:

Anthropologist Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars, published “Bottling Up Global Warming Skepticism” on Innovations, followed by “Climate Thuggery.” The first mentioned a 3-week-old Science profile of Mashey’s efforts to defend climate scientists from political attacks.

Wood’s article misused the platform of CHE. Its relevance t…


Climate Thuggery

Is anthropogenic global warming (AGW) a valid scientific theory?  Is it well supported by the empirical data or is it mostly an artifact of computer modeling?  I don’t have answers to these questions.  I stand, rather, on the side of those who favor rigorous scientific inquiry, transparency, and openness.  I am not a climate scientist, but neither do I cede the whole matter of answering such questions to the designated experts.  Good science doesn’t limit itself to the views of narrow-cast speci…


Bottling Up Global Warming Skepticism

At 15, P.T. Barnum showed what he was made of. He shrewdly traded some trash for a peddler’s wagon full of green bottles. Then he opened a lottery, sold a thousand tickets, and handed out the empty bottles as prizes.

Barnum eventually grew rich with his museum, his circus, and his spectacular coup in bringing the singer Jenny Lind to America, but he longed for something else. As his biographer Neil Harris put it, Barnum sought “approbation”—

Swindlers had existed for a long time, but none had th…