The Myth of Sports Revenue

To the Editor:

Your article, “The Myth of the Sports Scholarship” (The Chronicle, November 20), nicely lays out how the structure of higher-education athletics ensures that very few student-athletes ever get an athletic scholarship to cover the full cost of attending college. But it also implicitly supports the myth that athletic programs are financially self-sufficient, which is untrue at almost all institutions.

For example, your observation that NCAA institutions offer the best athletic schol…

Jesse Jackson Didn’t Lead Chant Against Western Culture

To the Editor:

I have been a lonely one-man truth squad on a tiny point of academic history for many years. The focus of my endeavors has been the student rally and march at Stanford in January, 1987 about the Western Culture requirement, as it was then called. There is a brief paragraph on it in the section of The Chronicle’s 50-year retrospective issue, on Page 7 (“Timeline: 50 Years of Higher Education,The Chronicle, November 6).

The quote reads: “The Rev. Jesse Jackson leads some 500 Sta…

Nothing Wrong With President Being Appointed at Kennesaw State U.

To the Editor:

There is just enough truth in your article, “A Preordained Presidential Pick Gives Rise to a New Governance Battle” (The Chronicle, October 25), to sound believable. I will now set the record straight.

First, the Georgia Constitution, in Article VIII Section IV, states:

(b) The government, control, and management of the University System of Georgia and all of the institutions in said system shall be vested [solely] in the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.


When Voice Suddenly Changes in Writing, It’s Usually Plagiarism

To the Editor:

I can’t believe you published such nonsense (“‘Not Your Language’: How a Classroom Interaction Led a Student to Speak Out on Microaggressions,The Chronicle, October 28). As professors, we have regular opportunities to identify the nuances of students’ language, even in a single paper. Writers establish a “voice” when writing, and when that voice suddenly changes, in most instances it is the result of plagiarism. Rather than discussing this common occurrence and commenti…

Personal Views of Instructors Are Never Relevant in the Classroom

To the Editor:

As someone who has taught the presidential elections course for more than 30 years and someone who is asked frequently for media commentary, the article on neutrality was perplexing (“The Tricky Task of Teaching About Trump,The Chronicle, October 28). Our personal views are never relevant in the classroom. Students have the right to an unbiased approach, and that is possible even in a divisive election year such as this one. You can, and I do, lecture on candidate traits, etc., …

APA Code of Ethics Warns Against Diagnosing Public Figures

To the Editor:

I am writing to correct some erroneous and misleading assertions in your article, “A Challenge for Mental-Health Experts: Should They Weigh In on Trump?” (The Chronicle, October 26).

The American Psychological Association does not have a Goldwater Rule per se, but our Code of Ethics clearly warns psychologists against diagnosing any person, including public figures, whom they have not personally examined. Specifically, it states: “When psychologists provide public advice or comm…

Milo Yiannopoulos Is Not ‘a Conservative Speaker’

To the Editor:

How perilous the way…

The Chronicle offends advocates for free speech and academic freedom when it characterizes Milo Yiannopoulos as “a conservative speaker” (cover of October 28 issue). He is certainly a hateful bigot. Is The Chronicle equating the hateful bigotry and conservatism? Let’s hope not.

Charles L. Flynn Jr.
College of Mount Saint Vincent
Bronx, N.Y.

To Foster Independent Thinking in Students, Don’t Use Military Model

To the Editor:

I read your article, “Basic Training for Higher Ed” (The Chronicle, October 23), and I too find many similarities between what goes on in the military and in community colleges. Your argument appears to be another iteration of the new “guided pathways” model that is gaining popularity among college administrators. I applaud your concern for low-income students, but I believe your comparison between college and the military highlights some of the serious shortcomings of these heav…

Misleading for Koch Foundation to Call Pope Center Just a ‘Local Nonprofit’

To the Editor:

The letter from John Hardin of the Charles Koch Foundation (“Koch Foundation Against Using Open-Record Requests to Harass Scholars,” October 14) is misleading:

We do not advocate for or participate in the use of open-record requests to harass scholars. We have actively spoken out on this issue, as we did so regarding what faculty faced at WCU specifically. The use of open-record laws to access private correspondence is an intimidation tactic activists use to menace and, even, sile…

Don’t Assume Part-Time Faculty Members Are Deficient

To the Editors:

As a developmental education faculty member, I read your article, “As Reformers Take Aim at Remediation, Community Colleges Feel the Squeeze” (The Chronicle, September 21), with interest and enthusiasm.

One sentence tempered my enthusiasm:  “And most of the courses are taught by adjuncts who lack the training and support that full-time faculty members receive.”

My full-time contract was recently, and with little notice, cut to part time (allowed since I was full time on a conting…