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Koch Foundation Against Using Open-Record Requests to Harass Scholars

To the Editor:

You recently reported on the Charles Koch Foundation’s support of Western Carolina University (“How One College Quelled Controversy Over a Koch-Financed Center,The Chronicle, October 4). We are proud of the partnership but are concerned about the reporting.

The Chronicle’s article misleads readers to believe our organization “fueled tensions” by utilizing the state’s open-records law to obtain faculty correspondence. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We do not advoc…

Article Misrepresents Universal Design for Learning Framework

To the Editor:

I found that your article, “Disability Experts Debate Merits of Universal Design” (The Chronicle, September 18), perpetuates several misconceptions about the Universal Design for Learning framework.

First, Universal Design (UD) and the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) frameworks should not be used interchangeably. UDL is an instructional design framework stemming from the notion that all learners are variable and instruction should be flexible and provide multiple means for stu…

Essay’s Claims About Research Universities Inaccurate

To the Editor:

As professors who have taught at several major research-driven business schools in Europe and the United States with almost five decades of experience between the two of us, we read the recent article by Carl Cederström and Michael Marinetto (“How to Live Less Anxiously in Academe,The Chronicle, September 28) with surprise, even astonishment. The milieu they describe bears little resemblance to today’s research-oriented universities.

Their first claim is that major research-driv…

Koch 30-Day Termination Option Erodes Faculty Rights

To the Editor:

Yes, Western Carolina seems to have come up with some thoughtful ways to make a devil’s bargain acceptable (“How One College Quelled Controversy Over a Koch-Financed Center,The Chronicle, October 4). However, Mr. Wilson is, of course, right that the 30-day termination right is a form of control. When did we forget that a “gift” doesn’t include a condition that it can disappear? We all work hard to reach agreements that are acceptable to donors, but the quid pro quo for thi…

Let’s See AAUP’s List of Acceptable Foundations

To the Editor:

Regarding the article about Western Carolina University’s acceptance of money from the Charles G. Koch Foundation (“How One College Quelled Controversy Over a Koch-Financed Center,The Chronicle, October 4), the AAUP’s Anita Levy is quoted saying, “we would not have universities taking money from the Koch brothers’ foundation at all.” Interesting. I was not aware that the AAUP maintained a list of foundations from which faculty are permitted to solicit donations. Could I ask that…

Carnegie Math Pathways Have Been Shown to Work

To the Editor:

In reference to your recent coverage of remedial-education reform efforts, “As Reformers Take Aim at Remediation, Community Colleges Feel the Squeeze” (The Chronicle, September 21), there is an existing — and growing — body of empirical evidence that Carnegie Math Pathways students fare better than those who are offered only the traditional developmental-math sequence.

An evaluation study showed that Statway and Quantway students had a 48 percent success rate in a single year. Thi…

Accelerated Remedial Math Programs Offer Effective Alternative

To the Editor:

I read your article on remediation reform, “As Reformers Take Aim at Remediation, Community Colleges Feel the Squeeze” (The Chronicle, September 21), and commend you for this coverage. However, it provides readers with a misleading view of Statway and Quantway.

They do not water down standards. To the contrary, they represent rigorous, standards-based, and effective alternatives to the traditional remedial classes that many students struggle to complete. In 2009 the American Math…

‘Chronicle’ Failed to Model Access in Articles on Disability

To the Editor:

Kudos for introducing disability as a viable diversity topic! I was pleased to read about a number of different situations and perspectives (Special Report: Diversity in Academe: Disability on Campus, The Chronicle, September 18).

I found it worrisome however how The Chronicle failed to model access in the very articles that talked about accessibility. Case in point: “DeafSpace by Design” should include audio description. And for the record, your iPad app still isn’t accessible …

Calling Obama a ‘Hawk’ on Higher-Ed Accountability Is Not Useful

To the Editor:

Terming President Obama a “hawk” for his stance on higher-education accountability (“Obama’s Legacy: An Unlikely Hawk on Higher Ed,The Chronicle, September 25) is neither accurate nor constructive. Since the president has not deployed the military against even the worst of the for-profit universities, I took “hawk” as largely a synonym for “conservative.” But there is nothing intrinsically conservative about a resource-intensive federal government program intended to protect the…

Essay on Extra Exam Time Perpetuates Ableist Privilege

To the Editor:

As an access coordinator, I can attest that the essay, “Extra Time on an Exam: Suitable Accommodation or Legal Cheating?” (The Chronicle, September 18), leaves out key information about the accommodation process and perpetuates ableist privilege.

While I cannot speak to the accommodation process at Boston University, I know many schools do tailor accommodations to the specific student need and individual course. I work closely with faculty to determine what the format of tests wil…