It’s Upsetting to Read About Gee’s Bow-Tie Cookies

To the Editor:

In “Gordon Gee, the Teflon President, Weathers Another Storm Over Expenses,” (The Chronicle, September 26), I thought it would have been appropriate to also include a few Ohio State University student viewpoints. I thought the article did a good job showcasing Gordon Gee as a president who has continually gotten away with irresponsible spending of university funds throughout his career. It is upsetting to read not only about another university president and how much money he gets paid, but also how much of the university’s money he carelessly spends. When you shine the spotlight on Gordon Gee we are able to see how ridiculous his expenditures are. I don’t even go to Ohio State and I’m irritated about the $65,000 he spent on things such as bow-tie cookies.

I am a graduate student at a large private university and every year I watch our fees go up. There are so many students going into debt trying to finance their education. We are renting textbooks, working on campus, and taking loans out just to make ends meet. I would have liked to have heard the viewpoints of students involved in student government on this matter. The article was missing Ohio State University students’ reactions to their president’s behavior and how it relates to their tuition and overall cost of their education.

Shannon Muir
Costa Mesa, Calif.

The writer is a graduate student at the University of Southern California.

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