Striving Students Find Themselves Living in 2 Worlds

To the Editor:

Thank you for highlighting the challenges that first-generation graduate students experience when coming home—whether it’s for a family reunion or the holidays (“Here’s Smarty-Pants, Home for the Holidays,The Chronicle, December 3). As students from low-income and working-class families strive to reach new heights, there can be a significant disconnect at home. At the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, we find a similar situation with students who participate in our Young Scholars Program. The foundation supports students entering high schools of their choice, which are often private day or boarding schools. Many young scholars report to our educational advisers about the two worlds in which they live and seek direction about how to cope. Home visits often amplify the guilt that these young people experience in having opportunities not available to siblings and friends. The Chronicle’s coverage is indeed valuable for those of us who serve this student population.

Emily Froimson
Vice President, Programs
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
Lansdowne, Va.

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