Boom. No, BOOM!

“Whenever I make a really bad joke,” Kaitlin Thomas wrote in on May 15, “I like to punch it up at the end by yelling, ‘Boom!’ It always makes me feel better, as if I’m my own one-woman self-confidence boost.”

TNT seems to have noticed booms like hers. May 15 was the day that network announced a rebranding from “We Know Drama” and plain “Drama” to “TNT Drama: Boom.” Here’s the official explanation:

“TNT’s marketing team chose ‘Boom’ not only for the ways in which it can be applied to different dramatic moments across many genres, but also because it’s a word that’s taken on its own meaning in the social media space.”

And so it has. Actually, it has been around for few years, noted as far back as 2009 in Urban Dictionary:

Used as an oral exclamation mark but in a purely conversational context. … Generally found in light-hearted, but not overtly humorous, situations:

Dinner’s ready. … Boom

Just quit my job. … Boom.

In 2011 another contributor to Urban Dictionary posted these examples of an “exclamation when you are pleased or to show off”:

Boom. I just won our netball match.

I beat you. Boom.

Boom. I win.

Announcing the 2014-15 season last May, the president of TNT offered a more intense definition:

“‘Boom’ speaks to the experience we want to deliver to TNT viewers. It’s about the thrill of the chase, or overcoming impossible odds and winning the day; it’s about what keeps you on the edge of your seat, hands clenched, heart racing, waiting to see what happens next; it’s about the moment when it all goes ‘Boom!’ Most importantly, ‘Boom’ makes a promise to our audience about the kind of emotional, intense, exciting, funny, shocking, sexy and thrilling drama they should expect from TNT.”

There’s a boom in real estate too. On, Luis D. Ortiz of Million Dollar Listing New York wrote about a successful sale: “Staging took place, traffic was heavy and in six days—BOOM! Offer at full ask! Imagine how happy I was!”

About this, Ryan Clark of LuxuryBranded commented:

“Luis’ use of Twitter seems to have paid off big time and his follower numbers are climbing fast. He makes good use of his other content and always makes sure to share it, but the best thing about @LuisDOrtiz is that he actually interacts with his followers on a regular basis. Boom!”

And last month an ad on CNET declared:  “You never hear Dad yelling ‘BOOM! TUBE SOCKS!’ This year, get him the Father’s Day gift he really wants:” (PlayStation 4, of course.)

In writing, some of those booms yell in all capitals BOOM! That includes TNT, whose screen flashes a big plain BOOM when it’s promoting its shows.

So there you have it. Boom. I mean, BOOM!


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