Giving Words


A Friendsgiving in Brooklyn, 2015. Photograph by Ethan Brooks.

When I saw an article on Friendsgiving in The Wall Street Journal last week, I knew I had a topic for the day before Thanksgiving: giving words. A long list, that is, of words ending in -giving, like those two. (Friendsgiving, we’re told, is Thanksgiving dinner with friends rather than family.)

To my surprise, however, the -giving words are scarce as turkeys’ teeth. A Scrabble website finds just 10, not all related to the Thanksgiving kind of giving:


outgiving: one who is open-hearted or generous.



regiving: giving again or giving back

gaingiving: giving back; obsolete




And that seems to be about it, though you can find a proper name like GlobalGiving (“a nonprofit that connects donors with grassroots projects around the world”).

So this plethora of giving turns out to be a paucity. And so this column becomes a request: Can you create more -giving words suitable to the season of giving? Just put -giving as a suffix to a suitably generous word of your choice.

In the Comments below, put your new coinage, together with a definition and sample of usage. The best one will get — well, how about a copy of my new book, From Skedaddle to Selfie: Words of the Generations (Oxford University Press). Fair enough?

OK, I’ll step back now. Happy Thanksgiving!


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