Digital ‘DARE’ Update: Half-Price Holiday Special


Illustration by Ellen Winkler for The Chronicle

OK, word lovers. Here’s the perfect gift for yourself, or any other logophile: A whole year of the complete online Dictionary of American Regional English at your fingertips for only $47.50, half the usual subscription price.

Yes, for that price you can leave the six monumental volumes of DARE reposing majestically on your shelf and access their contents with a few keyboard commands. And there’s much more in the interactive digital version. For a sample and an explanation of what the digital version provides, go to DARE‘s About page.

To get the special price (available only through January 3), use this web page.

On that page, below the product details, there’s a narrow gray box labeled “Special Holiday Offer.” Click on the box where it says “Order Form,” and you’ll get all the details.

Meanwhile, under the new chief editor, George H. Goebel, the contents of DARE are being updated every quarter. The fall 2015 update includes about 40 revised entries and 20 new ones.

And you probably won’t be familiar with many of them. Ever play a game of ticklish? If so, congratulations on surviving. Ever found beading oil in your whiskey? Too bad. Are you an upstreeter or a downstreeter? It can make a difference. Ever popped a squirter when you were young? Hope you enjoyed it. Full details on these and the other new entries and updates are just a click away.

And this is my last post for 2015, so happy Sylvester Eve, everyone!



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