The Trumptionary, Part 2

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David Barnhart

As the Trumpus continues, our living language stretches to accommodate the new notions and perspectives generated by the Donald’s inimitable political career. The lexicographer David Barnhart, author of the quarterly Barnhart Dictionary Companion, has been quick to keep up with the new vocabulary.

He has written entries in the manner of the Oxford English Dictionary for each term, including the detailed entry for Trumpertantrum that I included in my post last week.

Here are some of them, with definition and the earliest example for each:

T-word: euphemism for the name Donald J. Trump. ”Staring at a recently repainted Eastern Airlines Boeing 727 now emblazoned with the luminous red T-word… ” June 9, 1989, Toronto Star.

the Donald: another phrase for the T-word. “… before Ivana, opulent Atlantic City casinos, bankruptcy battles, richly appointed penthouses, prenuptial agreements and Marla produced most of those tabloid headlines for the Donald, he was the outspoken founder of the USFL’s New Jersey Generals.” Feb. 1, 1998, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Trumpdom or Trumphood: the realm or state of being Donald J. Trump. “Look how happy he is in his Trumphood, look how merrily he floats in his Trumpdom; look how brightly he wallows in his Trumpness.” June 1989, Nora Ephron in Esquire.

Trumpian: of or like Donald J. Trump. “Now there’s a slice of famous Trumpian exaggeration.” Nov. 17, 2006, The Palm Beach Post.

Trumpologist: someone who studies Donald J. Trump. “Experienced Trumpologists among you will by now have noticed a slight inconsistency in the fact that Mr. Trump’s once putative mother-in-law chose to reveal all in a sumptuous suite at the Plaza Hotel, yes, Mr. Trump owns the Plaza.” Oct. 20, 1991 Sunday Tasmanian. 

Trumpometer or Trump-o-meter: an imaginary device that measures the popularity, effectiveness, etc., of the Trump campaign for president of the United States, especially in light of his extravagant remarks. “I watched most of the GOP debate last week and thought Megyn Kelly came across as angry and unable to take a joke. … I couldn’t care less about my rating on the Trump-o-meter.” Aug. 13, 2015, Baltimore Sun.

Trumponomics or Trump-o-nomics: the economic policies reflected in the statements of Donald J.Trump in his presidential campaign. “And here in the Trump-O-Nomics column, legions of Trumpologists get expert work-style analysis of each week’s episode.” Sept. 9, 2004,  The New York Times.

Trump-speak: “I understand a bit of ‘Trump-speak’ and I think by ‘phenomenal,’ creepy old mate means more beauty pageants, free plastic surgery, spray tans and liposuction for all the ladies.” Aug. 13, 2015, Port Douglas & Mossman Gazette (Australia).

Trumpy: characteristic of Donald J. Trump, especially the policies reflected in his campaign statements. “Trumps Say New Dubai Dwelling to Be Exquisitely … Trumpy.” June 24, 2008, New York Observer.

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