Just What the Politicians Need: 50,000 More Words of Slang

Greens6a01348772fa47970c01bb0941e428970dAs we approach the final days of an astonishingly acrimonious U.S. presidential campaign, it might appear that partisans on both sides are in danger of exhausting their supply of vitriol. How many ways can you insult women and immigrants, tax evaders and deplorables? Do you run the risk of putting voters to sleep when you repeat the same words again and again — bigot, racist, prejudice, paranoia?

Fortunately, just when we’re running low on labels to castigate the opposition, a new resource of unprecedented richness has been uploaded to the Web, the most exhaustive collection of slang ever made: Green’s Dictionary of Slang Online. It has more than 50,000 main entries encompassing more than 130,000 individual slang words and more than two-thirds of a million citations of usage.

And it’s free. Or at least the basics are. To find out how to use it, click here.

There you will learn that GDoSOnline, as they familiarly call it, encompasses slang not just here and now, but in the English language throughout the world, from about 1500 to the present. So there’s a hoard of words to fit almost any occasion.

Instead of stupid, for example, you can use: airhead, amoeba-brained, ass-headed, bald-headed, bammy, bat-brained, batchy, bef, birk, big potato, bingaloo, birdbrain, bish, blockhead, blooter, bogger, bogue, booby, boofhead, bottlebrain, boxhead, brickhead, buckethead — and those are just some of the words with the meaning “stupid” in just the first two letters of the alphabet. There are hundreds, if not thousands, more. Words meaning “fools and foolish” amount to over 2,400 entries.

We are told there are nearly 3,000 words meaning “woman,” including able Grable, airplane blonde, after-dinner mint, alleluia lass, alley cat, ankle, around-the-way girl, artichoke, Athanasian wench, Aunt Thomasina, babycakes, badger, bag, bait, banbury, beach bunny — and those aren’t even half of the entries for the first letter and a half of the alphabet.

There are more than 2,000 words for “man,” including accidental daddy, agreeable rattle, airedale — and on and on.

There are nearly 5,000 words for drink, drinking, and drunks; nearly four thousand for drugs; more than three thousand for money. A thousand terms of racial or national abuse. And similarly numerous entries for the many aspects of sex.

As I said, it’s free, if you just want to look up the meaning of a word. For $60 a year, you can get the complete package that includes searching by meaning, part of speech, source, time period, etymology and usage, and produces results like those I’ve mentioned.

So take that, you politician — you doscus, you flipwreck, you goop, you labrick — and put it to good use in the week that remains.



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