Got a Great Joke About Language? Enter This Contest


A funny thing happened on the way to today’s Lingua Franca. Well, actually it didn’t, but I’m still hoping.

It’s all the fault of the Linguistic Society of America, which is sponsoring a “Friday Funny” series on Facebook (see the Linguistic Society of America website) and Twitter (@LingSocAm) this summer.

“Linguists love humor,” the LSA says, “but can we practice what we study?”

To answer that question, the society is holding a contest with a deadline very soon: this coming Monday, July 17. “Entries should be original creations and must be sent to” by that date, LSA says.

Here are the rules, exactly as LSA has them:
1. a comic, a riddle, a video — anything we can share through social media will do
2. original material only, please (If you know of some great comics we’re missing, you can share those too — just not for the contest.)
3. Keep it clean! The LSA Secretariat reserves the right not to share any entry.

“We will post each entry we receive on a Friday,” LSA further explains, “and the creator of the funniest (ha-ha, not fishy) entry determined by Facebook and Twitter reactions will receive 10% discount on their next membership renewal or meeting registration.”

Unfortunately, my favorite language joke isn’t eligible because I didn’t invent it. I let Google find this:

Past, Present, and Future walked into a bar. It was tense.

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