A Mistreated Majority Speaks Out

I’ll be attending the first meeting of the New Faculty Majority Foundation at the end of the month. Adjunct or part-timers are the majority of those teaching college courses around the country, and we have very little control over our lives and careers. The NFMF is an attempt at organization and finding common goals to advance the status of we adjuncts.

I know what I think and what my experience has been over the decade I have worked as an adjunct English professor at one institution, but I’d like to hear from you about what issues you think need to be addressed first and foremost. The more I engage in the Chronicle community, the more I realize that I am not alone in my challenges as a non-tenure-track employee. I’d like to bring to the table at the NFMF gathering some of what I’ve learned from you readers.

So what is most important to you in terms of better adjunct treatment? More equitable wages? Priority hiring? Sick leave? Have you seen any success at your institutions in terms of a civil and productive debate about these issues? Please share your thoughts and I’ll report back next month about my experience.

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