A New Home for On Hiring

Attention, readers: On Hiring is moving!

We’ve had a great run here on for the past six and a half years. But now we’ve found a new home on Vitae—a professional network, brought to you by The Chronicle, that’s designed to help students, scholars, and administrators advance their careers and do their jobs better.

Don’t worry: Your favorite On Hiring bloggers won’t be going away. They’ll just be joining a host of new contributors on Vitae’s News & Advice pages, where they’ll continue to write about academic job market, leadership, adjunct life, the two-year track, and teaching.

Everything they write will still be free—no login or registration required, just as on this blog. And if you’re a subscriber to the On Hiring newsletter, you’ll continue to receive our weekly e-mail updates.

We hope you’ll join us on Vitae! Feel free to reach us at, if you have questions.

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