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Exiting, With Bridges Intact

You have been offered your dream job. You have negotiated your new salary, start date, and relocation package, and are now ready to tell your current employer that you’ve decided to leave.

Then the unexpected happens. In the final reference-check process, you told your current manager about the opportunity and she or he was, in fact, called for a reference. Now she or he has offered to pay you a bonus, change your title, and make other arrangements to keep you on the campus.

The unexpected count…


Mastering Skype

You’ve passed the first hurdle in the hiring process and have been invited to interview via Skype to determine if you will be one of the finalists. Congratulations! This is an opportunity to continue the conversation and stay in the search process. Here are some guidelines to consider:

  • Establish a Skype ID, but as with e-mail addresses, be careful about the name you select. Better to use a proper name than a nickname. Remember that, before the call, you will need to accept an invitation to join…

How to Stand Out From a Crowd

Contrary to popular belief, there is no cohort of monks guarding the secret scroll of candidates on short lists in job searches. In this digital age, however, it can be both harder and easier to get noticed in the search process. Let me suggest a few ways to increase your visibility.

Use online social networks like LinkedIn wisely. Your LinkedIn profile should be complete, consistent with your résumé, and include a robust summary section. Many people don’t realize the full power of the summary i…


Avoiding a Failed Search

Even in a buyer’s market, administrative searches fail more often than you would think. Here are a few tips to keep it from happening to you.

  • Don’t assume that conducting a successful search is just a matter of posting an advertisement far and wide. Advertising in multiple venues is important, but having a well-written job description is critical. Explain what’s unique about your campus and the leadership role you’re seeking to fill. Review similar job postings so you have a benchmark. Nominati…

When a Headhunter Calls

You are minding your own business and not really thinking about the future when the phone rings. A search consultant wants to talk to you about your potential candidacy for a new leadership role.

In all honesty, this call is not completely out of the blue.

You received the e-mail that I sent with the full job description. You regret that you have not yet read the entire message, but you admit that you have not deleted it. From the first read, you were impressed with the posted salary range; and …