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Know Your Worth and Ask for It

Many years ago, I had dinner with my wise friend Sheila Campbell, who used to run a very successful advertising business in Washington, D.C. She related this story to me.

When we hired at the agency, we interviewed candidates, decided which one we wanted to hire, and then asked for that person’s salary requirements. If we could afford the requested salary, we would make an offer. One year when I was reviewing the books, I realized (to my growing horror) that I was paying men much more than women…


Write a Grant Proposal, Start a Company, Create Your Own Job

Given reports that fewer recently minted life-sciences Ph.D.’s are landing full-time academic jobs while more are spending an increasing number of years as postdocs, it may be time to consider some alternatives.

One alternative is to create your own job. If you are a graduate student or a postdoctoral fellow working on a project that has potential commercial value (i.e., it could result in a product that someone will buy), consider turning the project into your first job.

How? First, disclose yo…


How Did I Get Here?

The STEM paradox: At a time when we have a national dialogue about the dearth of students pursuing these degrees, newly minted Ph.D.’s are having a harder time landing academic jobs.

In a recent Chronicle op-ed article, Amanda Shea, a doctoral student at Virginia Tech, discusses the ever-worsening odds of landing an academic research position in the sciences, as well as the need for meaningful alternate career paths and better graduate training for Ph.D.’s. In future posts, I hope to write about…