My Other Jobs

As a junior faculty member, I make a modest salary. With all the adjuncts out there, I know I don’t have much room to complain, but my salary isn’t really enough to make ends meet every month. So I do some other things.

I write for this blog, for one. I’m also an editor for hire; the most successful thing I’ve edited has been Kristian Alva’s Dragon Stone Saga. Recently, I’ve taken a cue from my own class, where I make students blog, and I started my own blog about life as a dad in Mechanicsville, Va., where I live. It’s a monetized blog, and I forked over the seven bucks for the URL. I hope I can make that seven bucks back (and maybe a little more).

At my two-year college, faculty members primarily teach. But some of my colleagues are also consultants or editors or counselors or … something else. Even at four-year colleges, some faculty members have “other” paying jobs that may be only loosely related to their field. So I’m curious: What other job(s) do you have?

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