Pet Peeves

Since I have to vet the job ads for the 15 units in my college, I have been amazed to see the differences in how various disciplines write their ads. Some are pithy and to the point, while others are more prosaic and inclusive.

I’ve grown used to the differences, but I am slightly paranoid about approving ads that violate my deepest pet peeves about job postings. As I peruse the job postings in The Chronicle’s print edition, I am reminded weekly that two kinds of ads drive me bananas: the very long ones (which seem to include every conceivable overkilling detail) and the very short ones (which omit important information such as subspecialty areas of expertise). For the long ones, the human-resources folks seem to have run amok; for the short ones, the budget folks seem to have screamed “Buy the cheapest ad available!”

What are your biggest pet peeves about job postings? And alternately, what is the most helpful but frequently omitted bit of information that an ad should include?

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