Resolutions, 2013 Edition

Some people are stymied by goal-setting, but I don’t get anything done in life unless I plan. Perhaps I should set a goal to “live more in the moment,” but, for now, I’ll stick with the formula that has worked for me. Thinking of the year ahead, here’s my list of academic resolutions.

    • Read more in my discipline. As an English teacher, that means reading both creative work in literary magazines and scholarly pieces in journals. Staying up to date on issues in my field is energizing and a valuable use of my time.
    • Engage with colleagues. I’m not outgoing by nature, so you usually won’t hear from me in a large group. Add in my adjunct status, and often I am too timid to chime in. But as Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” I need to push myself to speak up.
    • Hold firm. I set strict guidelines (e.g., no late work), and then I make exceptions. There are good reasons, and I’m swayed by them. However, my life would be so much easier if I held the line. It would also be more equitable to students. Every semester I resolve to do better in this area, but sometimes I need a push.

Dear readers, are you taking stock this January, or are you more of an end-of-the-academic-year reflector? Do you have any goals or resolutions you’d care to share?

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