Take Your Child to College Day

I was worried when Alex stayed after class one night to ask if he could bring his daughter with him the next day. I knew from his writing that he had three young children and a contentious ex-wife, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Then Alex, about 40 years old, explained that he wanted his 11-year-old daughter to come to the college with him during his latest custody turn. He had planned a campus tour, a visit to the writing and math centers, and wanted her to sit in on a class as well. “She’s a good girl, she’ll be quiet,” he reassured me.

What a great idea! I heartily agreed with Alex’s plan, making sure that the essay we’d be analyzing in class would be preteen appropriate. During his daughter’s visit, I had her be part of a small group, making sure she was in the same one with her dad. We did a short online activity, and I made her practice commas along with the rest of the class.

Things went smoothly, Alex was beaming all night, and I hope his daughter had a positive experience as well. I was so impressed with his foresight in bringing her out for college exposure. I work there but only rarely have my kids on campus with me. What a great idea to show his daughter what he’s doing to reach his career goals, as well as helping her see what this abstract place is all about.

Alex handled everything just right, talking to me in advance and waiting until his daughter was old enough to not be a distraction to the rest of the class. I’m thinking of inviting students to follow his lead during future semesters, or at least to talk to me about it if they think it might be beneficial to their children. For now, I’m thinking that I need to plan something similar for my own second grader.

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