What Do Adjuncts Need to Know?

Eliana Osborn recently posted about the “dreaded start-up meeting” for faculty, often attended by adjuncts and full-timers alike. She noted that she’d like to see “a session just for us,” just for adjuncts.

At my college, we do offer a start-up session just for adjuncts. And, in my role as a student-services administrator, I’ll be addressing the group very soon. I, of course, have my own agenda, based on my areas of responsibility. But I’m curious: What do adjuncts really need to know, especially from the student-affairs side of the house, as they begin their school year?

What do you wish you had known when you started teaching at a new college? Is there someone who eased the way for you, or helped you with a particularly troublesome issue? How did you find that person? What is the best way administrators and professional staff can provide you with the information, resources, and connections that would support you in your role as a faculty member?

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