American U. in Cairo Press Offices Vandalized

The offices of the American University in Cairo Press were trashed in the upheavals that continue in the Egyptian capital.

“Persons unknown ransacked our rooms,” writes Neil Hewison, the Cairo press’s editorial director. His vivid account of damage at the press and violence in his home neighborhood appeared today on the blog of Oxford University Press, the new distributor for AUCP in North America.

Hewison describes “drawers and files emptied, windows broken, cupboards and computers smashed.”

“But it could have been much worse,” he adds. The press’s office is located near the hot spot of Tahrir Square. Press staffers also discovered CS tear-gas canisters and bullet casings left on the roof of their AUC wing by police firing down on protesters.

According to an e-mail from OUP, the upheavals have spurred the Cairo press to accelerate production of a key title. “Our efforts to publish important scholars and authors from Egypt and the Arab world continue,” a spokesman told Oxford. “In fact, we are now moving up publication and distribution of Alaa Al Aswany’s On the State of Egypt with a new introduction addressing the current crisis immediately.”

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