New Journal on Christopher Marlowe

A new journal on the English poet and playwright Christopher Marlowe is in press, with plans to debut in print next week. Online distribution via scholarly databases is a future possibility.

Marlowe Studies: An Annual is published by the College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne and is edited by M.L. Stapleton, a Shakespearean scholar and a professor of English at IPFW. Associate editor is Sarah K. Scott, a professor of early modern studies at Mount St. Mary’s University, in Emmitsburg, Md.

IPFW is billing the annual as the “first journal in the world” dedicated to the writer, who died violently at 29 in 1593. His brief authorial career included seven known plays, various translations, and two frequently anthologized poems: “Hero and Leander” and “Come Live With Me and Be My Love.” Among the contents for the new annual’s inaugural issue are essays on Marlowe’s most popular play, Doctor Faustus, as well as what Stapleton describes as a “significant bibliographical discovery.” R. Carter Hailey, an expert on paper in 16th- and 17th-century England, has established a publication date for Marlowe’s play Massacre at Paris, whose title page is missing that key bit of information.

Marlowe scholars and fellow travelers, know that the journal favors “well-focused arguments” and especially welcomes “studies of the plays and poetry; their sources; relations to genre; lines of influence; classical, medieval, and Continental contexts; performance and theater history; textual studies,” and Marlowe’s professional milieu and place in early modern English poetry, drama, and culture.

However, the editors are blunt about what they won’t entertain: no unrevised conference papers or dissertation chapters; no materials submitted elsewhere simultaneously or previously published; and nothing, nothing about that pesky “authorship ‘controversy’ in popular culture”—that is, whether Marlowe wrote Shakespeare or vice versa.



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