Beautiful Women Make Skateboarding More Dangerous

Or more fun, depending on your point of view. A study in the new journal Social Psychological and Personality Science found that male skateboarders took more risks when in the presence of an attractive woman. The study also found that the men had higher testosterone levels in the presence of the attractive woman, which, the authors theorize, may have led them to take more risks, presumably to impress her.

From the paper:

Sexual selection … favors males who engage in competitive behavior and costly displays to attract females. Although such displays can enhance reproductive success, they can also be detrimental in terms of survival.

In this case, “detrimental in terms of survival” means “might cause you to split your head open on an iron railing.” By the way, the authors didn’t ask whether skateboarders were gay or straight. Also, some of the skateboarders declined to give saliva samples to measure their testosterone, which seems kind of strange, no?

Anyway. You can go here to download a PDF of the paper.


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