An Extra $500,000 for Pete Carroll Brought His ’09 Pay Package to $4.6-Million

We reported in June that Pete Carroll, USC’s erstwhile football coach, took home $4.1-million in compensation in 2008-9.

Make that $4.6-million.

As it turns out, Southern Cal made additional payments totaling $500,000 to a private corporation called Compete Inc., for “services performed” by Carroll that same year, according to tax records reviewed by The Chronicle. The amount was not included in the $4.1-million figure, which included base salary and other incentives.

Compete Inc. is registered in the state of Washington, where Carroll now resides, and lists him as its president.

It’s not clear where the $4.6-million puts Carroll among the nation’s biggest earners. In 2006-7, his $4,415,714 in total compensation made him the country’s highest-paid college employee, according to a Chronicle analysis.

Last year, Carroll left USC, where he had coached the Trojans since 2001, to take the head-coaching job of the Seattle Seahawks. Shortly after his departure, news broke of a major NCAA investigation of the university’s football and basketball programs. In June, the NCAA levied the stiffest sanctions in decades against Southern Cal.

Carroll was not directly implicated in the case, though the events in question all happened under his watch. The university, in the meantime, has appealed the penalties and hired a slew of athletics officials to clean up the mess.

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