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The Game Plan? For Starters, Don’t Fall Off

Garden City, Kan. — There’s no getting around it: Bareback bronc riding is hellaciously tough on the body. This is a sport, after all, that sticks you on a cranky, bucking horse, gives you nothing more than a hand-sized rigging to hang on to, and then dares you to last eight seconds without getting thrown to the ground. It’s no wonder that most bareback riders are used up by the time they hit 30.

But for the brave souls who count themselves as bareback riders, the physical toll is part of the p…


In Lawrence, Kan., a Home for Theremins and Tropicália

Lawrence, Kan.—Here’s the first thing you should do when you walk into a record store: Take a quick glance at the dividers—the little plastic things, I mean, that separate the albums by Wilco from the ones by Lucinda Williams. More than the promotional posters littering the walls or the music blaring over the PA, it’s those dividers that will tell you what you need to know about the place.

Love Garden Sounds—just stroll down Massachusetts Street, the main drag here, and look for the storefron…