What’s for Lunch? (The Salad Edition)

Salads are a good option for lunch.  They can be healthy, light, and filling.  They can be easy to prepare and even easier to carry to work (in Laptop Lunches, in a Mr. Bento, or even in a plastic bowl).  Salads can provide significant health benefits when we eat them regularly: an increase in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.  Salads can also lower caloric intake, and get us closer to the recommended daily intake of fruits and veggies.  That is, salads can provide health-producing effects if we don’t smother the salad in some creamy salad dressings, mounds of cheeses, and heaps of other goodies found in most salad bars.

Salads are good and they are good for us, but they can become boring.  Lettuce and tomato salads can take us only so far.  When salads become boring, we don’t eat them.  Instead, we are apt to grab a quick fast food burger or something equally unhealthy from a vending machine.  What are some of the ingredients you include in salads that keep them interesting (but also keep them healthy and light)?

Please leave your suggestions for salad additions in comments below.

[Photo by Flickr user roboppy; Creative Commons licensed]

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