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[Lee Skallerup Bessette is a Faculty Instructional Consultant at the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CELT) at the University of Kentucky. She primarily works with faculty on digital pedagogy and digital humanities. She blogs at College Ready Writing and you can find her tweeting prolifically at @readywriting.--@JBJ]

It’s getting to be (or, really, probably past, but let’s face it, we all procrastinate) that time where we plan for what we will be doing with our summers. And, the beginning of March is looming, which is typically the date to apply for various fellowships and workshops.

There has been a lot of growth recently in intensive summer Digital Humanities training opportunities, but also a growth in demand. The well-known (and well attended) Digital Humanities Summer Institute (or DHSI) has expanded to three weeks worth of workshops (spend most of June is lovely Victoria if you can!). There are also opportunities to attend mini-workshops at DHSI@Congress (this year in Ottawa at the end of May), and a longer iteration on the other coast of Canada, DHSI@Dal.

There are a number of other DH training workshops across the globe including

Closer to home (like, somewhere where you won’t need a passport if you are living and working in the States), the Humanities Intensive Learning and Teaching (HILT) workshops will be held from July 27th to July 31st on the campus of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. This is the second year of the workshops, and it is a great experience (full disclosure: I’m teaching the workshop on Digital Pedagogy).

MITH, on the University of Maryland campus, is holding a workshop “ Engaging the Public: Bets Practices for Crowdsourcing Across the Disciplines,” which is co-funded by the NEH, the Institute for Museum and Library Services, and the Sloan Foundation. The deadline for applying is March 2.

The NEH Office of Digital Humanities also funds a number of DH training and workshop opportunities. This summer, they have funded the following:

There are others this summer, but the deadlines have already passed. You can read about all of them here.

The Getty Foundation has also started funding DH training opportunities for art historians. There will be workshops at

  • George Mason (Rebuilding the Portfolio: DH for Art Historians; deadline March 15),

  • Harvard (Beautiful Data: Telling Stories about Art with Open Collections; deadline March 1), and

  • UCLA (Beyond the Digitized Slide Library, deadline March 1).

You can read more about them here on the Getty Foundation site.

These are the ones I have found, but I am sure that I am missing some. Please share any summer DH workshop opportunities I have missed in the comments!

Photo “Train Station” by Flickr user Jake Stimpson / Creative Commons licensed BY-2.0

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