Teach Access Tutorial: Best Practices for Digital Accessibility

I recently came across a solid teaching and learning resource devoted to giving designers, developers, and writers a better grounding in creating accessible content. The “Teach Access Portal” is a new-to-me tutorial that provides interactive lessons, much in the same way that Codecademy does. It’s a product of the Teach Access project, which (I have to admit) I don’t know much about.

From the introductory paragraph to the tutorial:

This resource is part of the Teach Access Initiative, and provides best practices for making accessible mobile and web apps. This tutorial currently provides basic training for developers and designers, with more disciplines to come! If you are new to accessibility, you’ve come to the right place – the following material will help you get a solid footing on accessibility via hands-on exercises and useful reference guides.

The next time I teach a course with a significant component devoted to web design, I will likely add this resource to the coursework.

How about you? What are your favorite resources for learning about accessibility in digital environments? Please share in the comments.

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