A Quick Introduction to Otixo

CloudstorageIt’s no secret that many of us here at ProfHacker are fans of (and regular users of) cloud storage. We’ve written quite a bit about services such as Dropbox,, and Google Drive. Each of these services offers a reasonable amount of storage for free, with additional storage available for purchase.

Though some who have substantial storage needs choose to stick with one service and pay for additional storage, others have found that they can acquire sufficient storage space by splitting their files across services. It’s not a bad strategy, but it does have one downside: How on earth do you remember which files you’ve stored where?

Enter Otixo, a service I recently learned about thanks to a post at LifeHacker. Otixo lets you log into multiple cloud services from the same place, allowing you to view and manage all your files in one dashboard (including moving files from one service to another). It will show you which service hosts each file, and it can easily search across services, in case you don’t happen to remember where you put something. Otixo uses OAuth to connect to your accounts, so it doesn’t see your passwords (more information on their security is available here).

Otixo is free for up to 2GB of bandwidth use per month. $9.99 per month gets you unlimited bandwidth.

If you’ve used Otixo, let us know what you think of it in the comments!


[Creative Commons licensed Flickr photo by joeybones]

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