‘Accessibility Ready’ WordPress Themes

Long a fan of the content-management-system software WordPress, I’m encouraged and impressed by the developers who are working to make WordPress as accessible as possible to a wide variety of users (including people with disabilities). Last month, I explained the basics of Joe Dolson’s WordPress Accessibility plugin.

Today, I’d like to draw your attention to the WordPress themes that have now passed the “Theme Accessibility Audit” guidelines (still in draft form) from the WordPress Accessibility Team. A few themes have successfully passed the accessibility audit and are now tagged accessibility-ready. (This does not mean that they are the only themes optimized for accessibility; rather, they are the only ones to have gone through the audit process so far). Although this list is (I hope) likely to grow, it currently includes these 7 themes:

(For instructions on how to add and activate new themes, check out this section of “Using Themes” on the WordPress Codex.)

Do you have any tips for making your WordPress site more accessible? Please share in the comments.

[CC-licensed Flickr photo by Stefanos Kofopoulos]

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