Author Introduction: Erin E. Templeton

readingIn this introductory post you’ll learn about one of the newest ProfHacker authors, Erin E. Templeton.

Erin E. Templeton is an Assistant Professor of English at Converse College, a women’s liberal arts college in Spartanburg, South Carolina. There she teaches American literature, twentieth-century British and Irish literature, and composition. Her current research interests focus on various configurations of male-female authorship in transatlantic modern literature. She currently serves as the Vice-President of the William Carlos Williams Society. One of these days, she aspires to write an essay on F. Scott Fitzgerald “with soul,” like her idol Sydney Bristow, and in her spare time, she enjoys walking her dog and cheering for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Erin’s posts to date have ranged from classroom issues such as:

  • Silence is Golden… (“…unless you are trying to run a classroom discussion, in which case silence can be counterproductive, discouraging, frustrating”)
  • For Crying Out Loud (on emotional students)

…to professional topics such as:

For similar posts and much more, I recommend spending some time with all of Erin’s ProfHacker posts and look for a new one from her later today. You can also find Erin on Twitter as @eetempleton.

[Creative Commons licensed photo by Flickr user luis de bethencourt]

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