Author Introduction: Jason B. Jones

Get Excited and Make ThingsIn this, the second in our series of author introductions, I’m happy to introduce you to the other co-founder and editor of ProfHacker, Jason B. Jones.

Jason is an associate professor of English at Central Connecticut State University, where he also is the president of the union chapter. Beyond that, he’s the book review editor for Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society and the webmaster for the North American Victorian Studies Association. His research interests include Victorian literature, psychoanalysis, and the digital humanities; his book, Lost Causes: Historical Consciousness in Victorian Literature, was published by Ohio State UP in 2006.

Much like yesterday’s introduction to George, pulling some lines from his bio doesn’t answer the question just who is Jason B. Jones? But I must admit, many years into knowing the fellow, I still don’t know him—he’s shifty, hence the image used in this post. Jason is as likely to use a Moleskine as he is to learn how to lasercut it.

At ProfHacker, Jason has provided readers with two of the standing posts each week: “Weekend Reading” and “Week in Review,” but more than that he has been—by far—the most provocative author on the roster. If a post at ProfHacker has many reader comments and a fruitful discussion within those comments, it’s likely to be a post by Jason.

For example:

Looking at the list above, you might think that Jason is a little bossy. As you’ll see in his post later today, that’s not really the case. Jason just has a ferent desire that we become something bigger. Whether that happens by examining why it does and doesn’t matter what students think about professors’ use of technology or considering the ethics of disposing of review copies, Jason will give it a go and then help the rest of us.

Lest you think Jason’s all about exposing problems and developing solutions to administrative (and cultural) issues within the academy, he’s not. He has also provided incredibly valuable posts on pedagogy and specific classroom activities. Here are a few of his most popular posts:

For similar posts and much more, I recommend spending some time with all of Jason’s ProfHacker posts and look for a new one from him soon!

In addition to ProfHacker and his personal blog, Jason is a core contributor at’s GeekDad blog and a regular contributor at the Blog of a Bookslut. On Twitter, he’s @jbj.

[Creative Commons licensed photo by Flickr user blackbeltjones]

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