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The Value of 24 Hours in Passing Back Graded Work

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received as a new teacher was from a senior colleague who listened to me express anxiety about handing back graded papers to my class.  She looked at me and said, “Why don’t you just deploy the ‘24-hour rule’?”  I looked at her blankly and she explained that she told her students that it was her policy not to discuss their papers/tests/projects with them until 24 hours after they had received them.  She insisted it significantly reduced the number of co…


Advice on Faculty Workload

Atlas, it's time for your bath

The ProfHacker audience (so far) seems to be made up of people who want to be better, more efficient, more effective in their academic careers. One of the biggest issues that we faculty (new and seasoned, adjunct and long tenured) face is the question of managing our workload. If we care about what we’re doing (and if you’re on this site you must), then we can take on too much. Overloading can affect our ability to teach effectively, to publish, to make academic and institutional deadl…


Deploying Students as Tech Mentors

Image by flickr user kandyjaxx. (CC-licensed)

One of the common concerns that faculty have when thinking about using digital technologies in the classroom is how much time they would need to spend in training an entire classroom of students on the same tool.  This task can be made more complicated given the varying student levels of technical expertise and comfort level with digital tools.  Should you walk students through every step of the process of setting up and formatting a blog, perhaps giving up valuable class time in doing so, an…