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Part of getting ready for the new academic year involves stocking up on necessary supplies. Some of the suggestions we’ve covered before at ProfHacker include:

As I’ve mentioned previously, as a child I always loved getting the list of required school supplies and making the trip to the store to stock up on fresh new pencils and notebooks. Today, as an adult, my back to school supplies include both standard office supplies and some other items to make sure my teaching bag and campus office are semester-ready.  My back to school list includes school supplies and office supplies.

School supplies

Supplies for my campus office

  • tissues

  • hand sanitizer

  • alcohol swabs (I use them for cleaning hands and objects like cell phone, keyboard, pens that have been shared, etc)

  • ibuprofen

  • teabags

  • protein bars

  • electrolyte powder

  • change for the vending machine

  • an extra mug (for the days I forget to bring mine back after washing it)

  • an extra spoon and fork (for the days I forget to pack flatware with my lunch)

  • I’ll also bring home my office blanket and sweater to launder them before the semester starts.

What are your essential back to school supplies? Let us know in the comments! [Creative Commons licensed image by flickr user JD Hancock]

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