Backup Service Dropbox Announces “Space Race”

As we’ve written many times here at ProfHacker, it’s absolutely essential that you maintain a backup of (at least) your most important data. There are many ways to do this, of course, from using an external hard drive (or a redundant external storage system like a Drobo), to subscribing to services like Cloudberry, Backblaze, SpiderOak, Syncplicity, or (a ProfHacker favorite) Dropbox. You should, of course, always be mindful of the limits to stability and security in the cloud, but online services like those just listed are incredible convenient.

Dropbox provides extra free storage space for users with EDU email addresses, and this week they’ve announced another way for academic users to score extra free GBs: the Dropbox “Space Race”:

Earn points by referring your classmates, friends, and professors to Dropbox (they just need to sign in with their school email and install Dropbox if they haven’t already). As you and your classmates earn more points, everyone from your school registered for Space Race will get more free space. Cosmic.

For more information, read this announcement from the Dropbox blog. The catch is that the free space you and everyone at your school receives as a result of this contest lasts for two years, after which (apparently) it goes away. Still, free is free, even if it’s only temporary.

How about you? Are you a Dropbox user? Or have you found alternate ways of syncing and backing up your data? Let’s hear from you in the comments!

[Creative Commons-licensed flickr photo by Pascal]

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