Basecamp Announces Free Accounts for Teachers

Back in 2011, Heather wrote a great post about using the project management web service Basecamp for organizing student research. In 2012, however, Basecamp eliminated the option to maintain a free account, and their least expensive expensive paid plan is $20. That’s a perfectly understandable decision, of course, but for the individual teacher, the change might inspire a move to one of their competitors with free account options, such as Trello.

Well, if you’ve been holding back from using Basecamp for your classes, you’re in luck: last week, the company announced that if you’re a teacher, you can sign up for a free account. Just head to the relevant page on their site for the details, which include the following:

  • Limit 1 free account per teacher (but you can use that one account to manage multiple classes).

  • When you add students to your projects, they do not have to have a paid account to interact with you and each other.

  • Use your free account only for class-related projects.

If you’re new to Basecamp, and you want to learn what all the hub-bub is about, check out Heather’s post (linked above), read through their “Help Guides”, or watch the “Basecamp Help” videos on Youtube.

Do you use Basecamp? If so, please share your experience and advice in the comments below. Do you use a different project management tool? Then tell us about that, instead!.

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