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Crafting for Wellness

With the semester’s end already closer than it appears on the calendar, and the threat of winter (which admittedly in Florida looks a lot like summer) just around the corner, I’m fairly overwhelmed. Whether your workload is getting bogged down by grading, manuscript deadlines, committee work, curriculum revisions, advising, or all of the above, it’s easy to get distracted from wellness. At ProfHacker we write a lot about different strategies for wellness because it deserves a spot on that list …


Iced Coffee? Iced Coffee!

I love coffee, and I conveniently generally agree with research that shows evidence of coffee’s positive health benefits (even though said benefits seem to vary widely depending on your genes). However, I don’t drink coffee because I think it might help me live longer or improve my quality of life; I drink it because it tastes good, gives me a boost of energy, and enables a little extra focus. In this way, it’s the perfect academic drink for the slump that can come mid-afternoon.

My favorite co…


Have Your Accounts Been Compromised?

LEGO minifigs
Having accounts spread hither and yon across the internet, and the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ approach that’s too often taken toward security and privacy, there’s a pretty decent chance that at some point, a service you use will face a data breach.

Heck, it might have already happened, and you didn’t know about it, either because you were too busy to notice, or maybe you’d even forgotten you have an account on that service!

A quick and easy way to see if your accounts have been included in a data breach is to…


Making Room

empty room

One of my favorite questions for reflection and conversation at this time of year is:

What do you want to make room for this fall?

I like this question because not only does it encourage you to think about what you would like more of in your life, but also about how you can make that happen.

Sometimes making room is literal: clearing a bookshelf for materials for a new project, or decluttering a closet to bring ease to your daily routine.

Sometimes making room needs to happen in your schedule: …


3 Tips for Getting (and Staying) Fit

Here at ProfHacker we’ve published many posts over the years under the category “Wellness,” which covers a broad range of specific topics from balancing work responsibilities with summer fun to strategies for ensuring you have a good lunch to improving your sleep to which earbuds to wear while swimming.

An important part of wellness is being able to get some exercise, hopefully on a regular basis. Now that we’ve reached the hot summer months here in South Carolina, I’m reminded of how difficult…


Shrubs: A Refreshing Summer Drink

On a recent lunch-time pizza outing, I was introduced to a non-alcoholic drink I’d never heard of before: a shrub. The drink served at our table was a mixture of vinegar (stay with me, here), strawberry & rhubarb, sugar, and carbonated water. While a drink with a vinegar base might sound less than appealing, it was really very good! Doing a little research, I discovered that — as the the New York Times explained last year — “[t]he modern American shrub … has roots in England, when vinegar was …


How Are You Having Fun This Summer?


Five years ago, George asked the question: What fun things have you done this summer?

No one has asked it since.

It isn’t terrible surprising that here at ProfHacker we’ve written way more frequently on “productivity” than we have on “play” or “fun“. But the two are linked in a lot of important ways. To wit:


Curing the Blue Light Blues

As Jason pointed out recently, many of us are suffering from sleep debt — and that’s not only the amount of sleep we know we’re missing, but the additional amount of sleep we would need to move past our usual level of accustomed tiredness to something closer to optimal function:

By this point in the semester, many faculty and students are, if this research is correct, operating at cognitive deficits similar to pulling all-nighters for two days.

One reason we’re staying up at night? Our beloved …


Go to Bed: Sleep Debt and Self-Deceit

sleeping cat

This weekend, at least in the US, Daylight Saving Time resumes, which means that next week everyone’s likely to be groggy and a little confused.

It turns out that this is only a slight exaggeration of our normal state.

Jill Duffy has a slightly terrifying post this week explaining that we probably under-estimate the effects of tiredness:

Subjects in a lab-based sleep study who were allowed to get only six hours of sleep a night for two weeks straight functioned as poorly as those who were for…


ProfHacker 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Hopefully you’ve noticed the subtle change in the air: the giving way of the aroma of pumpkin spice latte to the onset of the peppermint mocha. With that blessed change from decorative gourd season, mothers everywhere want to know what you’ll be getting them for the slew of holidays that close out the year. Not to fear! It’s the annual ProfHacker gift guide! Whether you’re looking for ideas for mom, your kid, the board gamer, or the reader in your life, we’ve got you covered.

And if for some re…