Checklists in Late Summer

graffiti of checklist

It seems harsh to call it “late summer” when it’s not even quite August yet, but there it is. At some point, items related to the fall semester will start to move to the forefront of one’s mind, even as one’s trying to wrap up summer projects, vanish for a vacation, or just try to keep up with who’s the White House communications director.

Checklists can help keep track of things, especially at such transitional moments. (See Heather’s checklist for a new semester as an example.)

Last week, Gabe Weatherhead posted a helpful overview of iOS-based checklist apps. A checklist, in his taxonomy, is different from a task list or a to-do list: “My task is to pack, not “shirt, socks, and underwear.” Important criteria for him included the ability to use a list as a template, the presence of a URL-scheme (for sharing information across iOS apps), and a few more things.

It’s worth reading the range of apps he reviews, since what works for him won’t necessarily work for someone else. He ends up recommending an app that I would consider more of a mindmapping app, which would confuse me to no end. I tend to make checklists in Drafts, which is just (“just”!) a fast notetaking app.

Do you have a preferred app or system for managing checklists? What are important features in a checklist app? Please share in comments!

Photo “Checklist” by Flickr user Stuart Chalmers / Creative Commons licensed BY-ND-2.0

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