Do You Go Outside?

sunny campusAfter taking its own sweet time, spring arrived in a hurry in Connecticut this week, with back-to-back days at 70 degrees or better. With the arrival of spring temperatures comes the other great seasonal marker on college campuses: faculty members teaching outside.

As an unyielding admirer of air conditioning and other ecologically dubious benefits of civilization, I never take my classes outdoors. It just seems buggy and probably humid. (Plus, if there were advantages to going outside instead reading dutifully at one’s desk, someone would probably have written a poem about it or something. Clearly that hasn’t happened.)

So, ProfHacker readers! Do you occasionally (or regularly!) take your classes outdoors in good weather? Do you have strategies for making that work? For example, how do you manage acoustics? Or mitigate distractions?

Let us know in comments!

[Photo "Scenes from UC Berkeley - Bowles Hall" by Flickr user John-Morgan / Creative Commons licensed BY-2.0]

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