Easy Access to Zotero PDFs with Qnotero

qnoteroIf it seems like we’ve been on a Zotero kick here on ProfHacker lately, it’s because, well, we have. Now that Zotero has an open API that developers can tap into, the Zotero ecosystem is growing in exciting ways. Today I want to introduce a small app that doesn’t require API access yet can really speed up how you use this Zotero: the free and open-source Qnotero.

Developed by Sebastiaan Mathôt, Qnotero runs in your Mac, Windows, or Linux system tray and provides lightning fast access to your Zotero references. Search by either title, name, or date, and a list of choices pops up faster than you can blink. The best part is, if there is a PDF attached to the reference, you can open that PDF in your default reader simply by clicking the PDF icon to the left of the reference. These two features—looking up references and then opening PDFs—are the only features of Qnotero, but the application does them in such a nimble way that it’s a pleasure to use. And efficient.

Bonus Tip: Qnotero is so streamlined that it doesn’t even have built-in hotkeys, but you can easily assign a keyboard combination to pop open Qnotero using your favorite hotkey manager (e.g. AutoHotKey on Windows).

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