Easy E-Books from Your Readlist

Stack of newspapersWe’ve written at ProfHacker about several different services that let you save webpages into a queue to read later: Brian wrote about “Asynchronous Reading.” AmyNatalie, and Jason have mentioned Instapaper; I wrote about Pocket; and George mentioned Readability. These services are all basically the same. But Readability has created a new service, called  Readlists.

According to their website, a Readlist is “a group of web pages—articles, recipes, course materials, anything—bundled into an e-book you can send to your Kindle, iPad, or iPhone.” Instead of adding items to a queue, you create a collection of articles with a common theme. Readlist will then create a single page with links to all of the items, with the titles and descriptions created automatically. The really useful feature is that Readlist will create an EPUB or Kindle e-book from the list, so that you or other people can read them on your e-reader. (This is much easier than my earlier post about how to make e-books.)

Readlist screen shot


I’ve found this service useful for getting blogs and online magazines onto my Kindle. When the Junto, a blog on early American history, published a forum on the New, New Political History (not a typo), I created a reading list of all the posts. I can see using this tool for a list of class readings. If you find yourself gathering articles into groups, Readlist might be a tool for you.

Have you tried Readlist? What do you use it for?

Photography Creative Commons licensed by Flickr user Valerie Everett. Screenshot by the author.

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