End-of-the-semester Review

Review cards

The fall semester is coming to a close. Your students are (hopefully) reviewing their semester’s work to prepare for final exams and papers. And the value of review extends on to faculty. Take some time to reflect on the semester before it’s officially over and your brain moves on.

What worked really well for each course you taught? What didn’t? What ideas did you form that could be applied the next time you teach this course? Did you tuck away any digital or printed materials that you think would be great for inclusion the next time around? How will you know where to look for these materials when it comes time for you to teach the course again?

Get those ideas stored away now, before they leave your brain. How you do it is up to you; in the past, ProfHacker has recommended Evernote, for which I give a hearty second. It’s easy to set up a notebook for each course you teach and collect ideas there.

How do you review each semester as it ends? Let us know in the comments.

[Image Creative Commons licensed / Flickr user Ben+Sam]

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