Evernote Reminders Helps You Stay Current With Your Notes

Tie a string around your finger . . .One of the best things about Evernote is its ability to store lots of different kinds of digital information. It is sometimes even praised as a digital junk drawer for its versatility. The problem with junk drawers, though, is that it’s easy to lose track of what’s in there. And there’s almost no point in storing something if it’s not easily-recalled at the right time.

Enter Reminders, a new feature (supported on Android, Windows Phone, iOS, and Mac OS X) that offers in-app and e-mailed notifications, to-do lists, and the ability to pin notes to the top of a notebook.

It’s pretty easy to use, as this tutorial video demonstrates:

Many people already use Evernote as a task manager, and so a properly-supported Reminders feature is a big help. Evernote has even released an API for Reminders, so in theory other apps can work with this feature. Even if you already have a pretty good to-do list or reminders app, Evernote’s reminders system offers a good way to make sure that your saved material doesn’t age out of relevance.

On the one hand, I’m enjoying Reminders, primarily as a way to keep material stored in Evernote in mind. On the other hand, though, I’m starting to collect apps that have their own in-app reminder systems, which is a little frustrating. This is one of the reason I’ve been so taken with Dispatch as an iPhone Gmail client: instead of building out its own reminders or to-do lists, it lets you pipe your information to the services you already use. The Reminders feature, however, may help some people commit to using Evernote all the time, instead of dispersing their information across multiple services. I also expect that it would usefully support a weekly review practice.

Photo “Don’t Forget Mother’s Day” by Flickr user Jim Bauer / Creative Commons licensed BY-ND-2.0

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