Evernote Webclipper Update

20130620-230910.jpgHere at ProfHacker, we’ve written a lot about favorite applications and services, including Evernote and GMail. We’ve also made note of several of our favorite browser extensions.

One of my personal favorites, Evernote’s webclipper, just got an update that makes it especially useful for anyone who uses GMail’s web interface regularly. Filing a message in Evernote used to mean forwarding it to the email address for the user’s Evernote account. If the message had attachments, it also meant downloading them and attaching them manually in Evernote.

The process is now much simpler. Need to save an email and its attachments to Evernote? No problem. Open the email, and click on the webclipper. Add any needed details in the popup window, and the clipper saves both the text of the email and any attachments. Easy—and a timesaver, too.

There is a minor catch, though: this new feature works only in desktop versions of Chrome. Users of other browsers are out of luck for the time being.

If you’ve tried the updated version of the webclipper, what do you think of it? Does it fit well with your workflow? If you have any other tips or tricks for getting important information into Evernote quickly and easily, please share those in the comments, too.

Creative Commons licensed Flickr image by the author.

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