Exporting from Mendeley?

Angry Man with Sign PhotoAs has been widely reported, the reference manager Mendeley was recently purchased for roughly $69 million by Elsevier, the Dutch publishing behemoth. Though we often suggest Zotero as a way to organize and cite research material, we have favorably recommended Mendeley as well. I even used Mendeley’s iPad app until the Zotero-based Zotpad was released.

But now that Elsevier—whose business practices have raised concern from open access advocates—owns Mendeley, there has been a backlash against the free software program. Most notably, the prominent Internet researcher danah boyd announced she was quitting Mendeley.

For the moment let’s set aside the financial and scholarly implications of Mendeley’s new ownership and focus on purely practical matters. Are you switching from Mendeley? If so, we’re less interested in hearing why and more focused on how.

Mendeley’s user support forums offer many tips on importing from Zotero and syncing with Zotero, but there’s less information available about exporting to Zotero (and especially exporting in a way that preserves your folder structures, notes, etc.). A recent discussion thread on the Zotero forums offers some suggestions, but we thought our readers might have their own ideas. We invite you to share practical tips on exporting from Mendeley in the comments.

Creative Commons Angry Man / Spew Love photo courtesy of Flickr user soukup

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